Community Guidelines

Monkey is about meeting new people and having fun. We want every user on Monkey to have a positive experience and keep Monkey as a safe platform for all users. Any user who violates the rules will be banned.

Be Nice

Monkey has a "See No, Hear No, Speak No" policy that prohibits bullying and inappropriate content. Users who engage in cyberbullying or those who share inappropriate (violence, nudity, etc.) content will be reported and banned from using Monkey. If you see someone who shouldn't be allowed to use Monkey, report them! The report button can be used to both block and report a user at any time. The report button can also be used in Moments, to report and remove inappropriate videos. Every report makes our community safer.

Don't Lie About Age

Monkey pairs users using their ages as well as other variables such as hashtags, so like-minded people connect and have fun. Please be truthful about your age and report users who appear to be lying about theirs!

Be Caring

There are real people just like you on the other side of your video calls. Use this incredible opportunity for good, and before you say something, consider whether you would like it if someone said this to you.

Be Legal

Illegal content of any nature is prohibited on Monkey. Safety is our number one priority. Please do not ever threaten other users, even if as a joke. We won’t laugh about it. Monkey will report any reported threat and the user directly to the authorities.

Be Healthy

Monkey is a space for you to be your true self. We encourage all kinds of self-expression, however, if you or someone you meet on Monkey is feeling stress, anxiety, depression or just needs someone to talk to text HELLO to 741741. We have partnered with the Crisis Text Line, to provide all Monkey users the ability to chat with a live, trained crisis counselor for free 24/7.

Do Not Record Calls

Users of Monkey are prohibited from recording their interactions with other Monkey users on the app, as well as from broadcasting their interactions online. Those who do will be banned from Monkey. Further, in locations where such recordings are prohibited by law, users who do record their interactions may be punished to the full extent of local law.

Keeping Our Community Great

If any user makes threats, makes offensive comments, shares inappropriate content, intends to cause physical or emotional harm to an individual, promote self-harm or is excessively violent – he or she will be banned.

Thanks for being a part of Monkey. We are excited to continue keeping Monkey a safe and fun place to chat with new people.